Monday, November 22, 2010


The above Melaka Night Cruise was held in Melaka on 20th. November 2010 with minimum participation from members and non-members of MAHSOPA.

On the committee level, Tan Sri Abdul Rahman and wife together with their domestic helper attended while the cruise co-ordinator, Kang and wife graced the event.

A Malacca-based Malacca High School former pupil, Mr. Ong together with his wife and son, supported the event. They met Mr. Kang and wife at the Aldy Hotel Bistro at about 7.00pm

Despite the lack of participants, our small group boarded the cruise boats at about 8.30pm with other visitors from various parts of Malaysia. Being the year end school holidays, the cruise was well patronised.

The night cruise began up the Melaka river by passing through the Stadthuys area, Riverside, Chan Koon Cheng bridge and Kampung Pantai. It continued onto Kampung Jawa, old central market and the newly constructed Hang Tuah bridge near to the former Cathay cinema.

After passing Hang Tuah bridge, it goes up river into Kampung Morten, Majestic Hotel and reached Taman Rempah before turning back to the river mouth.

Overall, it was a pleasant journey and the full moon lit up the night sky. The lights and murals including the water fountain at Dataran Munshi Abdullah at the end of Jalan Pasar Baru were some highlights of the Melaka River Night Cruise.

It was a pity that more members and their families were not keen to take part in this outing.


The planned talk on "Malaysian Tax" on this coming Saturday morning on 27th. November 2010, has been cancelled.

The lack of response from members in confirming their attendances was the primary reason for canceling this T-talk.

We want to receive feedback from members on what topics they are interested to attend before we organise future talks. Some time and effort was done by the organiser(s) and as members, we should be responsive and take part in any of these scheduled talks and events.