Thursday, May 25, 2017


At our recent MAHSOPA Exco meeting on last Sunday, the Exco unanimously agreed to appoint our MAHSOPA representative in Hong Kong.

MAHSOPA HK Chapter is our second overseas chapter. The first MAHSOPA Chapter is MAHSOPA Singapore.
Our newly appointed MAHSOPA HK Chapter representative is our former MHS graduate.

He is veteran in Hong Kong and has been in Hong Kong since 1972.

This person has graciously accepted our appointment and he is none other than Dr. Arthur PY Mah.

Our Congratulations to Dr. Arthur Mah for being our pointman in Hong Kong.

We hope former MALACCA High graduates residing or working in Hong Kong and China can join up this newly formed MAHSOPA HK Chapter.

Those interested to join our MAHSOPA HK community, just email us your name, email, mobile number and last graduate year in MALACCA High to:

We can then forward your name and contact to MAHSOPA HK.

Meliora Hic Sequamur.