Sunday, January 17, 2016


15th. January 2016

Dear Encik Ramnan Saidun, Principal of Malacca High School
Good to know that you have received the RM500K from the Ministry and am able to proceed with urgent repairs and other upgrading works. 

If you require extra funds to renovate the school hall, kindly let us have a dossier of the amount of funds required, what it is to be used for and tax-exemption for prospective donors. 

Mahsopa will try to raise the extra funds required if possible once we receive relevant information regards the renovation. 

As suggested by your goodself you may prepare the renovation dossier  after Chinese New Year in February 2016.
Wish to confirm the following matters with you following our earlier discussions last year, namely:
  1. The Mahsopa Annual Dinner to celebrate MHS 190th Anniversary, will be held on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at Hotel Equatorial Melaka. We have targetted 100 tables / 10 people per table / at RM100 per person. Wish to organise other events with the school's support. We have sufficient time to prepare for this ocassion.
  2. Digitalizing past issues of The Optimist and the Mahsopa publication MHS Old Pupils is now in progress as we now have the services of a committee member Hj Tedin Ng Abdullah, to coordinate the digitalization of the publications in the form of ebooks. As discussed before, need the cooperation of MHS pupils and past available Optimist issues in the school library. 
  3. Career talks to be organised by Mahsopa in the school will be revived and coordinated by Dr Leo Ann Mean.
  4. Confirmation of Azhar Rejab as the teacher appointed to deal with matters related to Mahsopa.
Hope to be able to meet up with you and Azhar Rejab in the school after Chinese New Year, with the other committee members to discuss these matters
Best Regards,
Lim Koh Chin, Secretary MAHSOPA