Saturday, September 22, 2012


Some members of MAHSOPA with their spouses and friend made a trip to Pulau Ketam, Selangor today.

They met up at the Pulau Ketam Ferry terminal where they were met up by a local Pulau Ketam tour guide before we sat an airconditioned boat to Pulau Ketam. The trip took about 35 minutes and when we reached the Pulau Ketam Town, we were surprised that the whole town was built on stilts. The walkways are now constructed of concrete instead of wooden planks which used to be norm about 20 years ago. These walkways were mainly done by the town folks themselves and contributed to its construction by donating sums of money. The donor names were listed on a notice board.

The other interesting aspects of Pulau Ketam include bicycle transport, walkways and there are no motor vehicles or motorcycles. Pipe water is now available from Port Klang via a submarine pipe and this is also true for the electrical supply. With power available, airconditioners and Astro connection is possible.

Unfortunately, the whole town does not have an integrated sewage system. This is the main disadvantage which the authorities must look into. By not having a workable sewage system, the wastes from the toilets and baths are discharged into the water below before being washed out to sea.

After a sea food lunch, we took a fishing boat to see the fish farms located near to Pulau Ketam and a floating facility for visitors to stay overnight and to fish. The fish farm consists of groupa and other high value fish which are exported to Hong Kong.

During our visit to Pulau Ketam, the weather has been kind to us. The weather was cloudy in the morning but the sun came out brightly after lunch. The boat journeys were safe and calm as rain did not come while we were at Pulau Ketam.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


MHS CLASS OF 1972 had their Class Reunion in Melaka on 15th. September 2012. Classmates and some with their wives met up and had a jolly good time. They even had a Discovery Nite Karoake contest for the night.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Melaka Pay Fong Middle School will be celebrating her 100 years of founding in June 2013.

Former pupils of the school are being invited by the school to attend the 100th years anniversary dinner in June 2013.

My aunt who studied in Pay Fong in her teens intends to attend this dinner. She is in her 80s and is currently residing in Hong Kong. It is expected a large turnout from former pupils of the school around the world will attend this auspicious occassion.

MAHSOPA wants to extend our best wishes to the Pay Fong School Alumni for their forthcoming 100 years anniversary celebrations in 2013.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


10th. September 2012

Our MAHSOPA trip to Pulau Ketam on Saturday, 22nd. September 2012 is confirmed.

To date, 10 persons have confirmed to attend this trip. If any friends want to attend, let us know at

We have placed our booking with Mr.Chia who is arranging the ferry,Pulau Ketam tour, sea food lunch, fish farm tour etc. from 9.00 am until 4.00pm with a tour guide. Tour fees per adult is only RM 60.00. This is to be collected at the terminal before the tour starts.

Anyone has difficulty in finding the place, please call my mobile is 012-3118959.

Travel arrangements as follows:-

1. All to meet at the Pulau Ketam Jetty by 9.00 am. We take the 9.30am ferry

If you want to drive there, it is easier to reach there from KL/PJ by using the Federal Highway. The ferry terminal is located at the end of the highway after passing through Port Klang. Parking can be found around the terminal area at RM 3.00 per car besides the terminal.

2. KTM Komuter station (KTM Port Klang Station)is just in front of the terminal. It takes about 1 hour by Komuter from KL.

3. Some walking is envisaged. So, dress casually, good walking shoes, cap and some drinking water.

Hope we enjoy ourselves during the tour.

TW Kang MAHSOPA Pulau Ketam trip co-ordinator