Saturday, June 9, 2012


Plans are being made to have a day tour to Port Klang Authority and Pulau Ketam on Saturday, 22nd. September 2012 for MAHSOPA members and friends who are interested to visit our Port and Pulau Ketam.

We hope to visit Port Klang Authority in the morning and arrange for a sea food lunch cum island tour at Pulau Ketam.

A tour guide will meet our group at the Pulau Ketam Ferry Terminal before travelling to Pulau Ketam by speedboat for our seafood lunch.

After lunch, a visit to a fish farm is scheduled. Before going back, a travel around by island by foot is planned.

All these activities for the visit to Pulau Ketam is RM 70.00 per person. Total number is between 20 to 30 persons.

Pre-registration for this trip is required based on first come, first served basis. Payment in advance is also welcomed so that we can book our Pulau Ketam tour.

If interested, please email us your name and number of persons attending.

Our email is:

For members who want to know about Pulau Ketam, go to: