Thursday, September 27, 2018


MELAKA: An education-based non-governmental organisation lauds the oldest school in the historic city, Melaka High School (MHS), for promoting diversity and racial harmony.
Melaka Action Group for Parents in Education (Magpie) chairman Mak Chee Kin said the move by the school administration to allow leaders of all faiths to pray for students has strengthened the people’s solidarity in the state.

"This is the first time in our history that spiritual leaders from
Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu faiths were allowed to conduct prayers within the school compound as a blessing for students sitting for major examinations,” he said in an interview on Thursday (27.9.18)
Mak commended State Agriculture, Entrepreneur Development and Agro-based committee chairman Norhizam Hassan Baktee for his recent statement encouraging unity and exclusivity among schools in Melaka.
“The drive by Norhizam to enhance mutual respect among Melakans is gradually reaping positive results.
“Never before has a national secondary school invited spiritual leaders from different religions to hold prayers sessions inside the school,” he said, adding the principal should be applauded for making such an arrangement.
During a Merdeka event held at Chinese Temple here, last month,
Norhizam called upon schools to start promoting unity as Melaka should be a role model for other states, due to its status of melting pot for multi-ethnic community.
Norhizam said schools that have been in existence since the colonial period should embark on unity programmes and be emulated by other National types and vernacular education institutions.
"Racial distinctions are deliberately created to shape political influence for selfish reasons" he was quoted by The Star.
For the record, MHS, which was founded in 1826, is also the second oldest school in the country, after Penang Free School.


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  1. More of these multiracial activities should be encouraged.