Wednesday, July 31, 2019


In 7 years' time,2026, MAHSOPA celebrates her 50 years of founding. After 43 years, MAHSOPA still has not invested in a property which we can let out for rental and a space for our own MAHSOPA office. A two storey shophouse can be a good investment. Let out the ground floor for monthly income and use the first floor as our office and meeting space. Currently, we have no monthly and recurring income for activities or investment. Maybe, a subcommittee be formed to study and recommend a working plan to look into this possibility. Though MAHSOPA has over the years sponsored MHS pupils in their pursuit of higher studies and building of the MHS hall, it is about time we look inward for our own future investment and activities. Hopefully, we undertake a long term plan of 7 years to see our dream come true by 2026. Meliora HIC Sequamur.

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